Great adjustment! 

I felt better right away and felt comfortable the entire time.  Keep up the good work!



Dr. Audrey Jade has amazing healing energy.  She radiates a certain confidence in her touch which allows a certain sense of security.


-Elayne S.

Dear Audrey,

You have done such a great job - I have enjoyed seeing you every time and you have helped me very much. You have great healing hands.  



Danielle R.



Dear Dr. Jade,

You are a magnificient Chiropractor with your skills and gentleness.  It helps my pain when you combine massages with your treatments. 

I love your warm presence along with your soft, caring, supportive words.  Thank you.

Best regards, 



Dr. Jade is soothing and gentle while using targeted pressure to guide the body.  Her background in massage brings a nice flavor to her chiropractic style.  She listens and works with the body and doesn't try to do too much poking and activating in one session.  I always love seeing Dr. Jade and feel better after receiving her care.

Dr. Jade has a very firm but gentle touch.  She has great technique and her approach is very thorough and calming. She has the best energy and demeanor, too.  Thank you Dr. Jade.

Dr Jade-

That was a fabulous adjustment! My neck turns much better! Thank you for your knowledge!




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