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UKIAH Family Chiropractic Initial Fee.

The price of initial adjustment is $95, and each adjustment after that is $65. After you pay for 5 adjustments, you get one free! We encourage you to stay healthy and not wait until you’re in pain to get adjusted. Pain is often not the first indicator that you are subluxated. Let me help you maintain your health before you have to miss work, sleep, or fun!


*Special Bonus: Kids are always $35, with each subsequent child at $15

Mendo Maintenance Package

$195 for 4 Adjustments


For those non-committal types... this one’s for you. Rarely does one adjustment do the trick. Not because I’m not an awesome adjuster, but because your body quickly adapts to being subluxated by tightening muscles, shifting your posture, and compensating for being subluxated. Most people need at least three adjustments within two weeks to stay in alignment. This Package gives you an average price of $48.75 per visit.  It's the best deal we offer!

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