Rates for Chiropractic Services

Congratulations on deciding to take care of yourself in a natural, safe, and holistic way with chiropractic care. You are investing in your health. What could be more valuable?

First Visit:


Every new patient has a New Patient Exam on their first visit, as well as an adjustment if needed. Exam includes taking a medical history, palpation, applicable orthopedic and neurological testing, and explanation of chiropractic, clarifying health goals, and possible referral to get X rays. 


Duration: 45 min (15 mins for Paperwork/ 30 mins for Exam and Adjustment)



$95.00 (Exam and Adjustment Adult's Only).  

$90.00 (Exam and Adjustment Medicare Pt's.)

$65.00 (Children under 18)

Regular Adjustment: 


The Chiropractic adjustment includes a brief health history and evaluation to determine appropriate care.

Duration: 20 minutes (Single Visits)



$65.00/for adults

$35.00/for children under 18

$45.00/65 and over 

Family Rate:

  $100.00/Couples Additional Adult's: $50

   $30.00/1st Child

 $15.00/Additional Children

Wellness opportunities for the whole family

Family Care Package 

Couples may be seen in the same appointment for $100. The first child is $35, and each subsequent child is seen for $15. This is the best deal for your entire family.

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