Subluxations can affect children’s health in a myriad of ways, and chiropractic is a gentle and effective way to restore their health.
Try chiropractic first.



Newborns have a very simple and fragile nervous system compared to older children and adults. Birth can be traumatic on a baby, especially when there is intervention involved such as: Pitocin, suction, forceps, and C­section. Over half of all hospital births have artificial intervention. These interventions can stress the nervous system, dislocate joints, and cause muscles to spasm. Left untreated, birth traumas can worsen over time and become physical and neurological disabilities. Chiropractic adjustments, can realign the spine, remove subluxations, and restore health so that the child can grow up healthy.

Young Children:


Young children experience minor and major traumas. They range from falling off the bed and getting rough housed by siblings, to exposure to viruses and vaccines. Having a family chiropractor can reduce the stress of these traumas on the growing child by ensuring that their nervous systems are functioning at 100% in order to heal quickly and effectively. For example, chiropractic has shown to be more effective than antibiotics in eliminating recurring ear infections in children.

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